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With tightening regulations, obtaining financing for our self-employed clients has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Financing that we could do for our clients as recently as a year ago, we are not able to do in the same way today. The documentation requirements for our self-employed clients are burdensome, to say the least.


The documents we typically require include, business financials, complete tax returns, and your notice of assessments. If you, like some of our other self-employed clients, show little income, then you could be asked to provide up to a year's company bank statements to justify your income. 

Mortgages for business owners


With our experience in the industry, we have an excellent working knowledge of all of our regular lender's programs for the self-employed. This allows us to ensure that you qualify with the maximum amount of your income that can be used, with the best possible rate. Financing through major banks can be difficult for our self-employed clients, however, we have access to lenders who are able to use alternative means to confirm your income in order to qualify you for a mortgage.

Feel free to call us any time to discuss how we can assist you as a business owner to find financing for your mortgage. 

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